Roses on fire for V Day

My dear ones, even if I do not celebrate VDay, I hope that you had an amazing one  and you  felt more loved than ever. I do wish you a good night. I am sure it will be a great one. Hope you will tell me how your day was , on the comments section … Continue reading Roses on fire for V Day

New series

My dear all,  I was thinking today how I might be helpful for you and how my experiences did influence my life in a good way.  It all started 2012, spring, when I decided along with my boyfriend to move from our home country and make a life in Denmark. Many situations and people I … Continue reading New series

Happy New Year !

Hi luvs, Happy New Year!!!! Yeeyyy... one done, some more to go. Hopefuly you had lots of fun. I am here to tell you that I do prepare a new project for you. It will be a dream come true and I think you will enjoy it very much. Stay tuned... soon I will reveal … Continue reading Happy New Year !

Natural-Yes, please!

Hi guys, As you know me, I think you noticed already that I prefer natural makeup. Day by day, I like to improve my skin and look with "no makeup makeup". And because I caught this awesome daylight (which is not very often in this period in Denmark), I thought that it might be a … Continue reading Natural-Yes, please!

Sunday evening- out

Follow my blog Hello my ladies, What do you think about this mega super duper Sunday evening? Of course not everywhere the weather allows us to enjoy a walk but still cabs, cars, buses are working...yeeeyyy 😀 I am preparing such an evening and how better to start than with makeup. Today I had an … Continue reading Sunday evening- out

What people do when… ?!

So, I am thinking, what people do when they are thoughtful and sad? It happens, right? To be gone with your thoughts and remember all the mistakes you've done and all the right things that you approve to be good in your life. And you are sad, and just gonna cry thinking what if? I … Continue reading What people do when… ?!

Loving Happy Valentine’s Day

Hello you loved one, I chose to not write a traditional post for Valentine. This means that you will not find any of those pinky binky flowery things in here and not because I do not love or ain't I loved. Valentine's Day for me mean a lot of marketing. I hate when I see … Continue reading Loving Happy Valentine’s Day

Letter for you, from all my heart

Hi there, beautiful souls, I did miss writting you and just stay chatting like pasivly with you. Anyway, the thing is that I would like to transmit my soul peace and happyness to you all. I do care a lot of all my friends so , here I am, hugging you with the kindness of … Continue reading Letter for you, from all my heart