Shooting at home-behind the scenes I am, right? I mean, home, everything it's settled for some photo shooting and the weather helps me as well. For the mood, nothing else. I am shooting indoors and, as much as I would like to do it outside, I think the wind would blow me away. Denmark is special, what can I … Continue reading Shooting at home-behind the scenes

Let’s smile together

There comes a time when even a smile on your face changes your day. Try it! It's a challange.  It's not easy for us, young people to make a name in today's world but, it's worth it to try.  My life game started long time ago and step by step, I will succed. And you … Continue reading Let’s smile together

Mix of the night

Absolutly delicious mix is making my mood to pop up.... For sure I will replay for the next days till I will be in perfect condition for you guys.So, if you feel down like me,give it a try. For sure will help you. ENJOY ! :*     LOve

Nighty night

My ladies, I do wish you a great night if you are on the same hour meridian like I am if not, than, an awesome day!  Tomorrow is a great day ahead. New day, new opportunities to make special things.  Nowadays I am working a lot with Dijou and I am still waiting your opinions … Continue reading Nighty night

Which gonna be the next step ?

OK, I am in Denmark and now what?.. Honestly I was overwhelmed because I didn't leave my country before for more than 2/3 days and always with my parents in some small trips for some family meetings. Therefore, I wasn't quite sure what to expect or what will happen. To know from the start. Denmark … Continue reading Which gonna be the next step ?

Rapunzel of Sweden-Discount$

My dear ladies, today I was very happy to find out that I can come in your help by a discount. I know how much you love shopping and your hair routine and look can get better and better by day. You can use my discount code from Rapunzel of Sweden and combine your pleasures … Continue reading Rapunzel of Sweden-Discount$

New series

My dear all,  I was thinking today how I might be helpful for you and how my experiences did influence my life in a good way.  It all started 2012, spring, when I decided along with my boyfriend to move from our home country and make a life in Denmark. Many situations and people I … Continue reading New series

Monday huh?! …

I recently read, while drinking my coffee( the 2nd one), something very interesting and put me in overthinking. The line is this " Mondays don't suck, your job does." wow...blowed my mind off. But it might be right...or not. I am the skeptic one (always). I love mornings and in any other day of the … Continue reading Monday huh?! …